JET Woodworking Lathe – 708360 JWL-1642EVS-2 Variable Speed

Whether you’re an experienced professional woodworker or brand new to the idea of lathe work and wood-turning, the JET Woodworking Lathe 708360 JWL-1642EVS-2 is the last Variable Speed Lathe you’ll ever buy for your workshop or studio. We’ve checked them all out, folks, and the 708360 receives our enthusiastic endorsement.

Based on user reviews and product specifications, the JET Woodworking Lathe 708360 offers the best of all features you look for when purchasing a woodworking lathe. It runs smoothly, the speed adjustments are easily accessible, and it’s designed with flexibility in mind. From simple spindles to large bowl-turning, this powerhouse does it all. Last but not least the heavy, careful, engineering makes this machine rock-solid, stable, and it resists vibration under the heaviest use. Let’s take a closer look:

JET Woodworking Lathe 708360 JWL-1642EVS

JET Woodworking Lathe 708360 JWL-1642EVS-2 Variable Speed – Features And Specifications

  • Variable speed control for matching the tool speed to a wide variety of turning applications
  • Weighs 420 Pound for optimal stability and reduced vibration
  • Superior cam lock lever mechanisms for moving the headstocks, tool rests and tailstocks without any tools
  • Superior cam lock lever mechanisms for moving the headstocks, tool rests and tailstocks without any tools Includes long tool rests, faceplates, live centers, spur centers, spindle locks, indexing locks and knockout bars for getting up and running posthaste
  • Legs with special webbings for 2 by 4s or tool and sandbag shelving

JET Woodworking Lathe 708360 JWL-1642EVS-2 Variable Speed – Reviews

Assembly – Some users expressed dismay that the JET 708360 arrives unassembled – unlike some other comparable products. Once you get this sucker out of the crate, though, you’ll see why this is not only necessary, but preferable. Fully assembled, this Jet Woodworking Lathe weighs in at a whopping 420 pounds, so unboxing and moving the lathe around the workshop in its bulky, fully assembled state would be almost impossible. JET clearly anticipated folks’ concerns in designing the 708360, because unlike cheap prefab furniture, the assembly holes and mechanisms are placed with extreme precision, meaning you’ll spend less time putting this beast together with the heavy duty assembly bolts. When dealing with a four-hundred pound device, this is crucial, and users report being pleasantly surprised with ease of assembly.

Sturdy Constriction – No powder-coated steel and aluminum will do for a serious lathe intended for heavy use, and JET didn’t even try to cut corners with the JET 708360 this brute is made of rock-solid cast-iron for stability, durability, and weight that simply cannot be matched by softer metals – the JET 708360 was built for a lifetime (or two) of heavy use. This attention to longevity extends to the powerful fan-cooled, two-horsepower motor, which will help you to power through the hardest of hardwoods all day long without wear and overheating. For those working with knotty wood, or used to applying a whole lot of extra pressure to their projects in order to make quick, course progress, JET recognizes that even their burly design of 420 pounds of iron may not do the trick, and with mounting brackets and sandbag shelving, they give you lots of options for further securing or weighting this lathe in place for serious abuse.

Convenience – The speed controls for the JET Woodworking Lathe 708360 are well-positioned for regular use, and many user reviews indicate that adjusting the speed of the lathe is simply a subtle adjustment, even while actively shaping the wood, allowing for the sort of on-the-fly control of your work precluded by many lesser designs. The lathe also features a well-placed basket for turning tools and gauges, designed to be easily and immediately accessible while you work. This means no more turning around to grab tools, or clearing the top of the table saw or workbench of mislaid gauges and tools after each turning job.

Support – JET is well known for supporting their products well with regards to manufacturer defects and warranty issues. They stand behind their products – so be sure to put your lathe through its paces within your warranty period and put them to the test.

Jet Woodworking Lathe


This unit carries one of our highest recommendations. This machine is heavy, stable, smooth, and accessible. The Jet 708360 JWL-1642EVS-2 Variable Speed Lathe is simply one of the best buys for the price you can get. This JET Woodworking Lathe will serve any woodworker, from beginner to pro, very well for a lifetime of work.


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