JET 708352 JWL–1236 Woodworking Lathe Review – Worth More Than Its Price

If you are looking for a perfect lathe which is worth more than its price then the Jet Company has another nice product for you.

Jet is a powerful company which produces good products for wood work. Among its many amazing works we have the JET 708352 JWL 1236 wood lathe. Due to the greatness of all the products of the manufacturer, the merits of this lathe doesn’t come down as a surprise at all.

JET 708352 JWL–1236 Woodworking Lathe
Price and main feature list

In Amazon the price is $899.99 which saves the buyer 17%.the lathe can be shipped to you free of charge and it will arrive in 3 – 5 working days. They do not ship to countries like Hawaii, Alaska or Puerto Rico. The main features of the woodworking Lathe include:-

  • Variable speed wood lathe which is 12 – inch and comes with a stand
  • A motor with a horse power of ¾
  • A lathe bed which is made of cast-iron
  • It weighs 183 pounds
  • You have the ability to extend the ram 2 – ¼ inches or slid the tool set 12-inches with ease and little effort.
  • It has 6-in Face plates

Who is it for?

This is a perfect machine for any professional woodworker. It is durable and easy to work with. To use it you just need to put a little effort.

Pros and cons

Due to its pre-wiring for 115 volts the lathe machine has been manufactured for normal lathe machines. It has 6 varying speed which you choose from and depending on the speed you choose the material is turns 500 to 3,000 rpm.

The lathe machine is long lasting. This is due to the fact that it comes when it is enclosed in a metal housing. It is quite versatile with a 34-1/2 inches between the work centers. It can be easily adjusted through extending or sliding. The adjustment is fluidly and the clamp is down tight with no effort. Their design is to have the ability to be used over a long haul.

To perform a quick perfect wood work you need to have the ability of quick adjustments. The lathe provides this adequately. If positioned well, it make the tool to keep turning hence ensuring that the running is clean and there are no tea routs. The tail which is also supported hence it provides the proper tension for smooth running of the wood. The machines are also safe a common feature which is only available in machines that are very expensive.

The motor is not properly positioned. During sawing the sands gets into the motor hence making it stick.

Why you should buy it?

Any professional woodworker will tell you this is the best lathe to use for pens, boxes, bowl and tops. They are long lasting and do not spoil in a long time. Its motor is powered by a ¾ horse power which makes it have the ability to use it for a long time without its failure. This lathe has been manufactures so that it is easily adjustable; you can slide and extend, without much effort.


All woodworkers should get them this woodworking Lathe as it will ease their work and save them from incurring expenses of replacing machines after a short time.


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